Hello and Welcome to my virtual stomping ground.  I’m Bob Schoenthal and I suppose I should start with a little about myself.

I’m living in the Silicon Valley area of California after spending close to 10 years in Hawaii and the rest of my time growing up and living between Bend Oregon and Portland Oregon.  What made me end up coming to the Silicon Valley area is a set of passions;  one building desirable technology, another is with the Startup culture,  and last is my love of Product Management and continuing pursuits of product excellence.

Career wise I’ve spent most of it focusing on the customers and centering my Product Management around building upon their needs.  I have a deep history of customer service and providing technical support,  which awarded me with some amazing problem solving abilities and empathy for the end-user.  This has allowed me to leading development teams in building a top-notch systems with frequent updates that surprised and delighted the users.

Here is a copy of my current resume: Bob Schoenthal

Other than that I’m a big geek and an even bigger gamer.  I love talking about technology and games so feel free to reach out to me.  One of my newer interests is using my love of gaming to design gamification into applications to increase user engagement.

If you would like to know more here are somethings I’m a part of where you can find me.

I’m currently a host on Product Coffee Talk, a podcast dedicated digging in to what makes great products great.


I’m also hosting events for Startup Product Silicon Valley in which guest speakers talk on a variety of topics related to products, product management, and Startups.

Startup Product Silicon Valley

For learning to become a better speaker and a better leader,  I help run a local Toastmaster’s club which meets the first and 3rd Sundays at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View.

Study Group Toastmaster

To help increase my Product Management skills I am a part of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association which has some great talks happening once a month.

Silicon Valley Product Management Association

If not any of these,  I’m often at Conferences, Meetups, and Hack-a-thons throughout the bay area and hope to see you out there.



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